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Business Owner Issues

  • "Last year I took advantage of an early retirement...and recently began to give some thought to purchasing a small business.  Do you have some tips or guidelines for me to follow?"...Get the answer!
Cash & Debt Management

  • Last year, we paid our mortgage off! YEAH!  Now we want to buy a new (translation: bigger) house. I anticipate that we will sell our current house for $130,000 and will buy a $250,000 home. I only want a $120,000 mortgage, vice a $250,000 mortgage.  What type of mortgage do I need so that I can use the proceeds from the anticipated sale of my current home (without selling it first) so that I can get a lower loan amount?...Get the answer!

  • I'm 22 and just started my first job as a teacher. I have inherited ten thousand dollars. My student loans from college will be about fourteen thousand. My question is: what do i do with this money? Which would be more beneficial for me to do: pay off a large amount of my student loans right away or put the ten thousand away in a CD to save for the future, i.e. wedding, house?...Get the answer!

  • "How do I estimate savings by consolidating all our loan into one? I would like to refinance the mortgage and also roll in car loan and a home equity loan. Current mortgage has 10 more years, car loan at 4 years, home equity at 4 years. How should I evaluate the savings, since I would essentially be stretching out the home equity and the car loan?"...Get the answer!

  • "My partner and I are not married.  What general advice can you provide for us and couples in similar circumstances?"...Get the answer!

College Planning

  • "My child will be attending college next year and she insists that she should have her own credit card...Can you help me sort it out?"...Get the answer!

Consumer Issues

  • "My husband and I work with a "strip mall" financial planning company. We have been with this company for at least 5 years and feel like we are getting nowhere. We are looking for a planner that is not biased with one company over another because that is who is paying them the largest commission. Are there independent agents that will work for us? Should I be working with a planner associated with our bank? ...Get the answer!
  • "My spouse and I differ on how long we should retain our financial records.  What do you recommend?"...Get the answer!
Elder Care Planning

  • "...I'm concerned about planning for [my parents] if they decline in health or mental capacity.  What can I do now to prevent problems later?"...Get the answer!

Employee Benefit Planning

  • "...A representative from an investment firm has been after me to enroll in a tax shelter plan sponsored by my employer.  Is this a good idea? "...Get the answer!
Estate Planning

Income Taxes

  • We typically receive a large income tax refund every year... We're told all the time that this is a poor way to plan.  What are your suggestions?...Get the answer!
Investment Planning & Management

  • "My co-workers tell me I'm wasting my time (and money) by using socially responsible mutual funds in my portfolio.  Can you settle the argument?"...Get the answer!

  • "I'm confused by knowing when to be in the stock market and when to be out.  How do professionals make this decision?  How should I?"...Get the answer!

Personal Risk Management

  • "My insurance policy...was supposed to be paid-up after 9 years of premium payments.  I've recently learned that my policy will not last as long as my expected lifetime unless I start paying (significant) premiums again.  What gives?"...Get the answer!
Retirement Planning

  • "What percent of my income do I need to save for retirement?"...Get the answer!

  • "How much money does someone need to retire comfortably?"...Get the answer!

  • "...A representative from an investment firm has been after me to enroll in a tax shelter plan sponsored by my employer.  Is this a good idea? "...Get the answer!