About Us

What is the Financial Planning Association of Wisconsin?

The Financial Planning Association (FPA), the membership organization of the financial planning community, was created on January 1, 2000 through a merger of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners (ICFP) and the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP).  Members include both individuals and companies that together comprise the financial planning profession as well as others who champion the financial planning process.

The primary purpose of the FPA is to be the community that fosters the value of financial planning and advances the financial planning profession.

The Financial Planning Association of Wisconsin (FPA-WI) is the local chapter of the FPA that represents the interests of FPA members throughout Wisconsin.  FPA-WI serves its members (and others in the financial planning and affiliated professions) by providing high quality continuing education opportunities as well as a community of professional peers.  We serve the public through a variety of community outreach programs.

The mission of The Financial Planning Association of Bronze Level Achievement, The Financial Planning Association of Southeastern Wisconsin Wisconsin is to promote the financial planning process and advance the financial planning profession in accordance with the highest ethical standards by providing education, association, and leadership for the financial services community and the public it serves.

Core Values

  1. Competence - Our dedication to competence requires not only lifelong learning, but also that we continually assess our ability to appropriately and effectively address the needs of those whom we serve.

  2. Integrity - We strive to have ever more congruence between our words and deeds, and to deliver genuine value to those whom we serve.

  3. Relationships - We are committed to open, inclusive and respectful relationships, including collaboration among diverse parties on common interests.

  4. Stewardship - We recognize our responsibility to act with vision, ever mindful of the effects of our actions, today and tomorrow, on the future.

Whether they are CFP® certificants or not, all FPA members agree to abide by the FPA Code of Ethics, which captures the essence of the Code of Ethics that govern CFP® certificants.

Our primary aim is to elevate the profession that transforms lives through the power of financial planning.